worship times : FRIday at 06:45 A.M - 09:00 a.m

IPC Kuwait Sunday School Ministry

The history of IPC Kuwait Sunday School begins from the year 1976 when its mother church,IPC Kuwait came into being.  It has been lead and guided by the Holy Spirit and as a result thereof, there has been a continuous growth in quality and number of the students until the Iraqi invasion.  However, there was a break thereafter and by His grace this ministry restarted with a few students after the liberation of Kuwait.  Ever since it has shown a remarkable standard of its own in the academic and spiritual growth of the students.  Consequently, our students have maintained the first position in the IPC Kuwait Regional examinations.
A Spirit filled, dedicated and pedagogically talented team of brothers and sisters are engaged in this ministry. Regular classes are conducted  every Friday from 9.00 am to 10.15 a.m. The total time is divided into two sessions. The first 20 minutes is set aside for the singing session and the rest for academic teaching. An anointed team of young men lead the singing session where songs, action songs and Spiritually oriented games are taught.  This year we have 92 students studying in 18 different classes taught by 18 teachers. In addition to this we have two young men exclusively engaged in the singing session. 
By giving individual care, love and affection we win the hearts of the students and thus are able to give them the right instructions and advices from time to time to aid their Christian personality development. 



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