Worship Time: Friday at 06.45 A.M - 09.00 A.M (NECK North Tent)

Life Together

Faith to launch out in 2018

What a strong assurance that gives us. Let’s believe that God has new adventures and new territory for us to take in 2018 and then let’s launch out with faith in Christ to always be with us, to

And the word became flesh

He will never fail us. He will never abandon us. He will never reject us. Jesus is the Logo – the living Word of God – and he speaks God’s love, God’s sympathy, and God’s salvation to us.

Practically spiritual - Integrity

We must always, always, remember that we can only live with integrity because we live by God's grace. It is God's amazing grace that saves us. God's amazing grace that forgives us. God's amazing grace that has recast