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One of the keys to building up a strong church is to nurture closeness and unity among believers. When numbers increase, this goal is practically difficult to achieve. We have developed a "cell group" system in order to cater to this growing need of the church.
The individuals and families attending the church have been allocated a cell group in their area where they can gather and fellowship, once a week, on Tuesdays. These gatherings typically occur in the intimacy of homes on a rotational basis.Presently there are 19 cell groups. The cell groups and their co-ordinators are as below:

Prayer CellCo-ordinator
1BershebaBipin K. John
2BethanySimon Kuriakose
3BethelRoy Joseph
4BethesdaGeorge K. Varghese
5CarmelPhilip Mathew
6EbenezerBaby John
7ElimAlexander Mepurath
8EmmanuelGigi M. Thomas
9GileadJose Thomas
10HebronBijoy K. Mathai
11HorebLijo Itty John
12KadeshRoy P.
13MahanaimJoby Skariah Thomas
14PenielPrajeesh K. Mathew
15PhiladelphiaBijumon Chacko
16RehabothVarghese Thomas
17SalemJames C.B.
18TaborShaji P. Kurian
19ZionShiby Mathew

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