Charity work is a part and parcel of our ministry based on the Biblical highlights on the subject. Therefore, each ministry of the church has made charity inevitable in its activities. TheChurch has formed a fund known as Aid Fund exclusively for the use in case of catastrophic disasters. In addition to that the Church upon receipt of genuine applications from India, shall release funds from the Church account to various financial requirements of the applicants. These include building house for those without homes, widows and orphans, and meeting marriage expenses, educational expenses, medical expenses of those in need ;etc. 

All the sister concerned ministries like, Sisters Fellowship, Sunday School, PYPA etc. are also keen in this activity. Each ministry pools their fund and channels the same to various recipients from poor backgrounds. 

Every year our PYPA collects used or useful clothes from believers and ships them to various poor people in India through the local Gospel workers. 

As the apostle James in his letter says (2:20) 'faith without deed is useless', each Christian is duty-bound to open his hand for the poor around him.

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