Worship Time: Friday at 06.45 A.M - 09.00 A.M (NECK North Tent)

The Pentecostal Young People's Association, the youth wing of the Indian Pentecostal Church was founded in 1947 by a few Pentecostal college students. This wing was created to develop the Pentecostal Youth socially, mentally, culturally and above all, spiritually.This organization was formed in IPC Kuwait 3 decades ago by a few individuals who had the burning desire to see the next generation of the church being used for the expansion of God's Kingdom. PYPA's role in IPC Kuwait is influencing the next generation to bring an impact to wherever our youth are placed. 

Since the inception in 1980 with just a handful of youngsters, PYPA of IPC Kuwait has grown to have over 250 members. During the past years, our PYPA has set some standards in the region. We have been a support for the growth of IPC Kuwait at large, our charities and services are notable, and our youth have led exemplary lives to become model citizens wherever they are placed.